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No. It's not a new multi-purpose lubricant.

Clean and jerk like a lady.

Posted on International Women Day 2019


Here follows but a selection of verbatim directed to me from 1974 to 2019 :

  • You can’t be a sailor in the RAN. Girls aren’t allowed on ships.

  • Here, us girls will have the burnt/ broken pieces of meat.

  • There are no pockets in the girls' uniform. You’ll need to carry this handbag.

  • You can’t learn rifle drill or carry a rifle on parade.

  • You can do sword drill. It’s only ceremonial. Chemistry. Is that a good degree for girls?

  • You should change you management style to be softer and more nurturing. More like a mum.

  • Mothers don’t have time to read magazines!

  • Are you going to give up work?

  • You've performed extremely well this year! Enjoy this gingerbread house for your children. Do you think the guys in the team will like their fantastic and cool USB cuff links?

  • Yes, you can take that chair. If you dance on the table for us!

  • You're still working?

  • Tongue me for $5.

  • Who is looking after the children whilst you are away?

  • You were really out there, weren’t you? Now you are pretty much just Mum.

International Women's Day 2019.

We have come a long way and that is worth celebrating. However, we aren't there yet. Globally - from pay equality, political and business representation to education, health, safety and the right to have a voice, there is much to be done.

Cupcakes are fun and great.

And legislation, policy and action gets us to that better balance.

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