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Midnight Oil : Powerful and Passionate

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

"Up there, up there, up there on the platform

He is speaking to the people

The people are responding

With clapping and a cheering

But the meaning of the message

Not revealed to those assembled

They're taken for a ride

Taken in his stride

When the Generals talk

You better listen to him

When the Generals talk

You better do what he say "

Whilst rocking out to The Oils on Saturday night in The Domain in SYD, it occurred to me that much of their key messaging is again highly relevant in light of current global political upheaval, changes in social values and civil defiance.

US Forces is about Reagan vs. Andropov in 1982, but is easily translated to modern day Trump vs. Kim Jong-un. Short Memory raises as much human reflection and poignancy as it did when I was just 13.

From the streets of Barcelona and Istanbul to dissenting US athletes, to more locally re: marriage equality and protesting Adani, it seems the voice of rebellion is growing louder.  

How will this geo political and social shift translate, I wonder, into the way we live our lives, buy our goods, spend our leisure time and feed ourselves over the next 20 years? Will we continue to crave security and safety, yet have the courage to change the landscape to reflect concerns about the legacy we leave behind on this planet?

 Almost certainly, these events and narrative will shape the activities of the consumer , the producer, the manufacturer, the advertiser and the retailer well into the next generation. And of this we should indeed take note. 

You Wouldn't Read About It.

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